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Troubleshooting Your Connection

Check your equipment

Follow our guide to resolve common issues with your hardware

Important Reminder

The speed/connectivity delivered by your full-fibre broadband is measured at the router, and this is what your engineer will have shown you when you were connected. 

Devices connected to the router via ethernet cables should experience the same speeds you would expect to receive. However, the WiFi connected (the speeds delivered without a wired connection) are likely to be lower than a wired connection by between 60-90%.

This is often due to the size and construction of the home, but there are some other factors mentioned below, with some suggested solutions to help you improve your connectivity.

Your equipment

This diagram shows the equipment we’ve installed. 

The fibre cable comes from outside the property and connects to the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) which is the small white box on the wall. 

This is connected via an ethernet cable (Cat5e+) to your router, which then brings the internet into your home.

If the ONT LED lights are showing as GREEN (they will flicker), and Router light is glowing white, then the fibre connection is being delivered and your connection is active.

How to tell if there are problems

ONT (Optical Network Terminal)

The ONT is responsible for the connection between the fibre network and the broadband in the home. 

The ONT has a series of lights, which should all be green, and may sometimes flicker. 


The router is responsible for the internet connectivity around the property. If your devices aren’t connected to the router via an ethernet cable, then the internet is delivered by WiFi. 

The router should always have a glowing ‘white’ light.

‘Power cycle’ the router

Before calling us, please try switching off the router, unplugging it and waiting for 60 seconds before restarting.


If the ONT lights remain red, or the router remains in a rainbow colour mode after power cycling the router, then please call us on 0330 236 9900 (option 1).

If you’re experiencing issues, please do the following before getting in touch

  • Check the cables and sockets

    Our full-fibre connection relies on both power sockets being switched ON. One powers the ONT, and the other powers the router. Switching these off would remove your connection so please leave these connected and switched on. 

  • Check the LED lights

    If there are no (or red) flashing lights on the ONT, or if the router light is not a constant white, check that all cables are connected and both the ONT and router are plugged in, and switched on.

  • Power cycle the router

    If you encounter issues, switch off the router and the ONT. Wait for 60 seconds before restarting. This normally solves 80% of issues. However, if there are no lights, the ONT has red lights, and/or the router has a rainbow colour then please do get in touch.

    NB: Do not press the factory reset button unless our technical department asks you to do so.

  • Run a speed test

    If the power is on, the LED lights on the ONT are green, and the router LED light is glowing white, and you’re still experiencing issues, then carry out a speed test. Plugging your device directly into your router will help accuracy, but if you can’t connect directly, place the device as close to the router as possible.

    We recommend using as other speed tests are less consistent.

  • Still experiencing issues?

    If you’re still experiencing issues after completing these steps, please call us on 0330 236 9900 (option 1)