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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Equipment & Technology

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Need some other technical and product support? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions with answers, to help you get on your way.

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What is full-fibre (FTTP)?

FTTP broadband (or fibre-to-the-premises) is the latest broadband technology which brings the lightning-fast speeds of fibre right to your home.

Traditional DSL or even more recent ‘fibre’ broadband use copper cables to bring broadband into your home – these cables are susceptible to environmental factors and interference, resulting in slower speeds and less reliability.

Full-fibre broadband has removed the need for copper cables entirely, so there’s no loss of speed and you get a super stable and reliable connection.

What equipment is installed?

When we install our full-fibre broadband in your home, we’ll fit an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) to bring the fibre into your home. This will be connected to an Adtran dual band WiFi 6.0 router.

The detailed router specifications can be found by following the below links:

Standard Router for up to PureFibre 900 customers (Adtran 834-v6)

Standard Router for PureFibre 2000 customers (Adtran 854-v6)

Smart WiFi+ (Mesh) Units (Adtran 841-t6)

What technology do you use?

Our fibre network is built using XGS-PON technology. XGS-PON stands for Extended Gigabit Passive Optical Network. 

XGS-PON is a type of technology that helps provide very fast and reliable internet to your home or office. It’s like having a superhighway for internet data.

Here are some benefits of using XGS-PON:

Really fast internet

With XGS-PON you can get internet speeds as fast as 10Gbps – that’s fast enough to download an entire HD movie in just a few seconds! 

Upload and download speeds are equal

It’s not just about downloading stuff quickly; XGS-PON also lets you upload things to the internet just as fast – super handy for activities like video calls or sending big files.

Great for streaming and gaming

Whether you’re streaming movies, playing online games, or working from home, XGS-PON ensures a smooth and speedy experience without annoying lags or buffering.

Secure and reliable

It’s designed with security in mind, so your internet connection is safe from snooping or hacking. Plus, it’s super reliable, so you can count on it working well all the time.

In a nutshell, XGS-PON is like having a supercharged internet connection that’s incredibly fast, works really well for all your online activities and is as secure as a fortress. Everything you need to make your internet experience awesome! 

How does the fibre connection get to me?

Your fibre connection is delivered to your home using our infrastructure.

We lay a fibre cable from the nearest telephone exchange to a toby box (small black box in the ground) outside your home. On the day of your installation our install engineers will extend the fibre cable from the toby box into your home. Our engineers will talk you through how they plan to get the fibre cable into your home.

Once this has been done, a small box called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) will be installed in your home which will connect to the router we provide.

How do I login to my router?

To login to your router, ensure you are connected via WiFi or ethernet cable and open a web browser. Then navigate to and login with the username ‘admin’. You can find your admin password on the underside of your router.

Once you login you’ll be able to configure common settings, such as guest WiFi and port forwarding.

If you have our Smart Home WiFi service, you’ll be able to use the mobile app to manage your router.

Can I have a static IP address?

If you’re an existing customer, you can add a static IP address to your account at any time. If you’re a new customer, just place your broadband order, then get in touch to let us know you’d like a static IP. A static IP comes with an additional charge of £3 per month. 

Most home users don’t need a static IP address and we don’t offer more than one static IP address to home broadband users. When you request a static IP address we may ask you a couple questions as to why, this allows us to ensure we’ve recorded the justification for the IP address use.

For residential customers we only offer 1 static IP address. For business customers if you require more than 1 static IP address, please contact us to discuss.

Can I use my own router?

If you’d prefer to use your own router, then you can. However, please note that we will not be able provide support for your broadband service or 3rd party router.

If you have a broadband service issue, before we can start troubleshooting we will request that you plug the router we provide into your connection. This allows us to view diagnostic information and troubleshoot any issues.

If you choose to use your own router, please contact us and we will provide you with the information you need to get your connection running. If you have any difficulties setting up your router, please refer to the manufacturer or other technical support.

Where can I find my SSID & password?

You can find your SSID and password on the label on the bottom of your router. If for any reason this has been lost or damaged, you can call our support team on 0330 236 9900 who can help you retrieve it!

How do I change my SSID & password?

If you’d like to change your SSID and/or password you can login to your router through a web browser and adjust the settings as you desire.

If you have our Smart WiFi+ service you can change the SSID and/or password through the mobile app.

Why is my NAT type set to moderate/strict?

This is due to our internal network configuration which uses CGNAT (carrier grade network address translation). If you need to control this, you can add a static IP address to your broadband connection.