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PureFibre 100

100Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Ultra-reliable everyday streaming, browsing and general online requirements

per month

Save £599*

PureFibre 300

300Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Larger homes with a number of devices that work, stream and game simultaneously

12 months FREE*

12 months free, then £49.99 for the final year

(average monthly cost over 24 months £25)

Save £899*

PureFibre 900

900Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Serious capabilities for serious working from home and ultrafast live online gaming

12 months FREE*

12 months free, then £74.99 for the final year

(average monthly cost over 24 months £37.50)

Save £1079*

PureFibre 2000

2000Mbps Upload & Download speeds

The ultimate user, your world is a flat-out gadget filled, broadband hungry place

12 months FREE*

12 months free, then £89.99 for the final year

(average monthly cost over 24 months £45)

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    install timeline 1 01

    There are two stages to your installation – during the first stage you may see some of our engineers around your property or garden. They’re undertaking essential external works to make sure everything goes smoothly for the rest of your installation.

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to be at home for this stage.

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    install timeline 2 01

    Once they arrive at your property, our engineers will run a cable from the nearest network point to a wall box that will be installed on your external wall. 

    They’ll most often use underground cables or occasionally a telephone pole. 

    In properties with front gardens or drives, they may need to dig up the ground, but don’t worry as they’ll put everything back to how it was before they started.

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    install timeline 3 01

    On the second stage of your installation (your booked appointment) our engineers will call to make sure you’re in as they’ll need outside and inside access. 

    During this appointment they’ll connect the fibre from outside your home to the inside.

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    Once you’re all hooked up and the router is plugged in, the engineers will connect 4 devices (all devices if you’re vulnerable or elderly). They’ll also run speed tests throughout your home to check your WiFi coverage.

    If there are any areas where the WiFi doesn’t reach, they can discuss solutions such as Smart WiFi+ with you.

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    Sit back, and enjoy ultrafast speeds!

How much does Calls cost?

Calls Smart WiFi PF100 01
Calls Smart WiFi PF300 01
Calls Smart WiFi PF900 01
Calls Smart WiFi PF2000 01
PureFibre 100 Speed Icon

PureFibre 100

£9.99 per month
PureFibre 300 Speed Icon

PureFibre 300

£4.99 per month Save £5
PureFibre 900 Speed Icon

PureFibre 900

£4.99 per month Save £5

PureFibre 2000

£4.99 per month Save £5

Why is full-fibre so much better?

Ultra-fast. Ultra-reliable. Ultra-affordable.

We keep things simple with four easy options and no hidden extras.

Plus, all our packages are available on either 12 or 24-month contracts and come with unlimited data.

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Add-on features

Discover Lothian u0026 Highland Broadband

We go the extra mile. Literally

u003cpu003eFeeling overlooked by the big providers, just because you choose to live where you do? Everyone should have access to fast and affordable broadband, so we’re going further into rural Scotland to ensure all communities are fully connected.u003c/pu003e

City speeds for country living

City speeds for country living

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left;u0022u003eUltrafast full-fibre broadband is a gamechanger, giving entire families the freedom to work and play together. We’re here to make sure Scotland gets the digital connection it needs, wherever it needs it.u003c/pu003e

Our customers love us…

Frequently Asked Questions

Our engineers are hard at work building our full-fibre network across rural areas of Scotland. To check if your area is in our build plans, simply check your address on our availability checker. 

Don’t let that stop you! Building new fibre networks takes time, and there’s a chance you’ll be at the end of your contract by the time your property is ready for connection. And if not, we’re happy to chat with you and see how we can help you experience the lightning-fast speeds of full-fibre as quickly as possible.