Looking for the quickest broadband in Kingussie,
Kincraig & Newtonmore?

Buckle up, because we’re
bringing you full-fibre in 2024!

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Want to experience the quickest broadband connection in Kingussie, Kincraig & Newtonmore?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’re planning to bring our ultrafast full-fibre broadband to the communities of Kingussie, Kincraig & Newtonmore. 

We’ve already started work and expect to be ready to connect our first customers in late spring/early summer 2024. So, if you want to be one of the first to experience the amazing speeds of full-fibre, register your interest (with no obligation) today. 

PLUS register your interest today and, as well as eye-wateringly fast speeds, you’ll get 6 months FREE full-fibre broadband once you’re connected to our service!* What are you waiting for?

With full-fibre broadband from Lothian & Highland Broadband, for the first time you can select the high-speed connectivity you need, not just what you’re given.

And with no copper cables on our network, you’ll get lightning-fast speeds to your home or business. 

Ultra-fast. Ultra-reliable. Ultra-affordable.

We keep things simple with four easy options and no hidden extras.

  • 12 or 24 Month Contracts
  • Unlimited Data
  • Free WiFi 6.0 Router
  • Free Installation & Setup
Get 6 months FREE + up to an additional £150 off

PureFibre 100

100Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Ultra-reliable everyday streaming, browsing and general online requirements

per month

PureFibre 300

300Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Larger homes with a number of devices that work, stream and game simultaneously


Avg per month


PureFibre 900

900Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Serious capabilities for serious working from home and ultrafast live online gaming


Avg per month


PureFibre 2000

2000Mbps Upload & Download speeds

The ultimate user, your world is a flat-out gadget filled, broadband hungry place

per month

Add-on features

What’s different about full-fibre broadband?

Kingussie Broadband

Lightning fast

Full-fibre broadband is the speed champ of the internet – it’s on a whole new level that you have to see to believe!

With no slow copper cables to be found on our network, you get super-quick speeds right to your doorstep! Nothing can slow it down!

Quickest broadband for uploading and downloading

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

Older broadband networks prioritise downloads, but you’ll find yourself in the dark if you’re trying to make video calls or transfer files.

With Lothian & Highland Broadband you get symmetrical upload & download speeds – giving you ultrafast broadband great for streaming, gaming and downloading but also speedy uploads for those important work & school files. 

And you can finally say goodbye to glitchy Zoom calls!


Ultra reliable

Every day we rely more on our internet-connected devices, and dropped connections really get in the way.

Full-fibre is here to rescue you from pesky interference, whether it’s electromagnetic or from the unpredictable weather the Scottish Highland region experiences.

Say hello to a consistent connection that keeps you and your family happily connected online!



“We’ve just had our new broadband installed by Joe and Bailey and we couldn’t be happier with the service…I’ve just ran a speed check, which gave a result of almost 800Mbps, whereas we were lucky to get 25Mbps with our old broadband! We would definitely recommend the whole service.”

Katrina – Lothian & Highland Broadband customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Work in Kingussie, Kincraig & Newtonmore is currently planned to start early 2024 meaning the first homes will be connected from late spring/early summer onwards, building throughout 2024/25 as we expand our network through the area.

As the network build progresses, you’ll see our friendly engineering teams in the local area and where possible we’ll use the existing infrastructure that currently brings your old copper line to you. In some instances this may not be possible so we may need to dig down to lay the fibre. We work at around 150 meters per day so if we do have to dig, we won’t be there for long, and no longer than a couple of hours outside a home or business.

Once you’ve registered your interest, we’ll be in touch to keep you informed about when we expect your street to be ready for the lightning-fast speeds of full-fibre.

Registering is free and easy – just visit the availability checker at the top of the page to check your address against our plans.

You’re not committed or obliged to take the service when we update you to say we can connect you. However if you don’t register we may not get in touch with you!

Superfast broadband means fibre optic to the nearest cabinet (sometimes known as FTTC), with speeds of up to 60-80Mbps, although most people receive a lot less.

Full-fibre broadband is fibre optic to your door, brought in via a new cable, reliably delivering up to 2000Mbps – that’s between 20 and 200 times faster!

Absolutely nothing, thanks to the Project Gigabit Voucher Scheme.