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Your guide to getting ultrafast,
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As part of Project Gigabit, Building Digital UK (BDUK) has implemented a voucher scheme to help people in rural areas access gigabit-capable broadband speeds for the first time.

Traditionally, rural areas of the country have been left frustrated with little to no access to reliable and cost-effective internet. And in a world where even your kettle can be hooked up to the net, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without broadband you can rely on.

Unfortunately, installing the infrastructure to support a future-proofed broadband network is costly – and until now, has been prohibitively expensive for most broadband suppliers, leaving most of you who live in rural areas in the dark.

Thankfully, that’s all changing.

What is “gigabit-capable” broadband?

Gigabit-capable broadband is ultrafast and reliable broadband using a full-fibre connection (also known as FTTP or FTTH connections). This type of broadband supports symmetrical speeds – this means you can expect the same upload and download speeds, unlike traditional broadband where you’ll see much slower up load speeds.

With full-fibre broadband, fibre optic cables travel all the way from the exchange directly to your home. Most existing BT cables will use fibre up to the cabinet, but the remaining cable is old-fashioned copper; this is where speeds drastically decrease.

Full-fibre allows for speeds of over a gigabit per second – over 20 times faster than standard fibre, in most cases!

Why do you need ultrafast broadband?

We’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with slow internet speeds, buffering videos and lag. The average UK household uses over twenty internet-based devices, including laptops, games consoles, smart TVs and mobile phones. With all these devices pulling internet data around the clock, you need a broadband connection that can withstand such heavy-duty use.

As we move into more impressive technology such as 8K televisions and internet-heavy gaming demanding higher quality connections, ultrafast broadband will be the only way to ensure all devices are connected to an acceptable quality.

Copper cable switch-off

Copper cable won’t be around forever. In fact, it’s been confirmed that all copper cable services will be switched off by December 2025 (much like when analogue TV was switched off a few years ago).

There’s never been a better time to get full-fibre broadband in your home.

How does the gigabit voucher scheme work?

The scheme’s been set up to provide eligible people with the funding needed to install full-fibre broadband in their homes – effectively allowing customers to get connected without having to pay an installation fee.

Interested in getting ultrafast broadband and taking advantage of the voucher scheme? We’ve made the process as easy as possible:

First, we’ll check if you’re eligible for a voucher. If you are, you’ll be asked if you’re happy to take advantage of the free installation as part of the sign-up process. We make the application on your behalf, all you have to do is:

  • Confirm you’re happy for us to apply for you
  • Provide us with your details so we can sign you up for the voucher
  • Confirm if you’re a business or not, and the size of business if you are

Once BDUK has received your application, they’ll contact you directly via email to confirm you’re happy to receive the voucher. All you have to do is confirm as soon as possible (you have up to 28 days before the request expired).

We’ll let BDUK know when you’ve been connected, and they’ll send another email to make sure you’re happy you’re receiving the service from us. You need to reply to this email to confirm and activate the voucher, meaning we can fully refund any installation costs to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s super simple – we do it all for you! 

All we’ll need from you is:

  • Your confirmation that you’re happy for us to apply on your behalf
  • The details you’re using to sign up for broadband 
  • Whether or not you’re a business (and if you are, confirmation of whether you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise)

Once your application is received, you’ll receive an email from BDUK asking you to verify your voucher application. We need this to go ahead with your installation, and you only have 28 days before this expires, so get in touch if you haven’t received this shortly after you order. 

Once you’re connected to our full-fibre broadband, you’ll receive a second email from BDUK to confirm you’ve been connected and you’re happy with the service. You need to verify this email, and this will activate your voucher for free installation.

Simply visit our availability checker at the top of the page. 

If your address is in an area we’re currently building, you’ll be able to place your order online. Alternatively, you can call one of our friendly team on 0330 236 9900 who’ll be happy to place your order for you. 

If we’re not yet building in your area, you’ll be able to complete a form to register your interest and we’ll keep you informed about our plans in your area. You’re not committed or obliged to take the service when we update you to say we can connect you. However if you don’t register we may not get in touch with you!

Registering is free and easy – just visit the availability checker at the top of the page to check your address against our plans.

You’re not committed or obliged to take the service when we update you to say we can connect you. However if you don’t register we may not get in touch with you!