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We don’t touch your existing setup, so you’ll need to contact your current provider directly to arrange cancellation.

Your existing line stays and we install full-fibre from the cabinet outside your home, into your property. It’s this new fibre line that delivers the ultrafast speeds for seamless streaming and lightning-fast browsing.

No – you can still use your streaming services with our ultrafast product. However, if you currently get TV channels from your existing internet provider, you may lose these when you cancel with them – it’s best to check when you call to cancel.

The Portal is your secure, password protected Broadband Network Management system used to keep your connection and account running smoothly.

The Portal allows you to view your invoices, check your data usage and raise any maintenance issues you may experience directly to our team of engineers.

Go to the Portal.

Log into your customer portal with your username and password. We emailed this login information to you when you connected with us.

Just go to the top right of our website and click My Account to find the Portal.