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How much does Calls cost?

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The world is more connected than ever, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls enable you to have crystal clear connections on the same internet as your broadband, rather than using old telephone lines. 

When you choose Calls, you get unlimited UK mobile and landline calls using your fibre cable, by connecting your existing handset to your router.

All from as low as £4.99 per month.

What’s included?

With Calls from Highland Broadband, you can make UK mobile and landline calls for free. We don’t include international calls on our plan (because it’s free to use other solutions like FaceTime, WhatsApp or other messaging apps).

Our full-fibre connection gives you plenty of bandwidth for crystal clear calls over WiFi. 

Plus, our mobile app means you can access your Calls no matter how far away from home you are. 

Are internet calls right for me?

If you’re heavily dependent on your landline for emergency services and lack a reliable mobile signal, then internet calls may not be right for you. 

Also, if you have a medical or care alarm system that connects through your traditional phone line then VoIP may not be suitable. We recommend reaching out to your alarm or device provider to check compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our Calls package, you get unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles. Prices start from £4.99 per month.

No – you can use your existing landline. We provide the equipment you need to connect your existing landline device to your router. 

You can – when you sign up to Calls, you’ll be given the option to keep your existing number (this costs just £12). 

Don’t let that stop you! Building new fibre networks takes time, and there’s a chance you’ll be at the end of your contract by the time your property is ready for connection. And if not, we’re happy to chat with you and see how we can help you experience the lightning-fast speeds of full-fibre as quickly as possible.

If you’re ready to get Calls, then all you have to do is register your interest at our availability checker or call 0330 236 9900 – there’s zero obligation and you won’t pay a thing until you get connected.

Our Calls service doesn’t allow international numbers to be called as it’s free to use other solutions such as FaceTime, WhatsApp and other messaging aps. That’s the beauty of our full-fibre service; buffer and glitch-free connectivity.