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Getting our full-fibre into your home is one thing, but connecting everything in your home to the most amazing speeds is another. Our WiFi 6.0 routers are simply fantastic but both the size and fabric of the home, and the number of devices can limit connectivity in far-to-reach rooms. That’s where our Smart WiFi+ comes to the fore.

If the WiFi signal can’t reach the not spots, then you can add our Smart WiFi+ pods around the home which will make these not spots, hot spots spreading WiFi loveliness throughout the house. One usually does the trick but you can always add more.

How much does Smart WiFi+ cost per pod?

Calls Smart WiFi PF100 01
Calls Smart WiFi PF300 01
Calls Smart WiFi PF900 01
Calls Smart WiFi PF2000 01

Intelligent Routing

In the attic, down in the basement studio…even in the bath! Our mesh solution will ensure you’re always getting the very best WiFi signal, with switching between pods. So, if you’re the roaming type you can set off on a round-the-home hike and your WiFi will happily follow you.


While the network is having a quiet time, the Smart WiFi+ solution looks at your devices to optimise your connectivity. It then allocates the right frequency to the right device, making everything run better without you lifting a finger.

Ultimate Control

Your trusty smart phone can control everything – access times, diagnostics, content filtering…it’s a revolution. Swipe left, swipe right…the entire household is at your fingertips. Genius.

Help when you need it

If you have any problems in the house, you can self-diagnose the issue on the mobile app.  And if that doesn’t work, just call us and with your permission we can see the router and work out if it’s an in-home issue, or if we need to send an engineer.

At your fingertips

Everything is on the mobile app so no fiddling around the back of router. Just download the app and you’re off!

Adding a Smart WiFi+ Pod

If you need additional Smart WiFi+ pods, then it’s quick and easy to do. Order your additional pods, we’ll post them to you and when they arrive you just plug them in. Download the app, switch your main router off and on, then the Smart WiFi+ pod will find the router, say a quick hello and set everything up all by itself. The Smart WiFi+ app will talk you though the whole set up. In some cases, we might need to add an ethernet-connected Smart WiFi+ Pod to your existing router, before adding the extra pods.


Passwords will be the same and your WiFi-enabled devices will connect to the pods to deliver the best connection speeds, and manage the bandwidth so that light usage devices (e.g. light bulbs and doorbells) get what they need, and heavy data devices (e.g. gaming consoles and PCs) get what they need.

Plug and play and has never been more literal – AND if your WiFi is still not reaching the rest of the home or business just get in touch as you may need an additional pod.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re an existing customer you can call us on 0330 236 9900. Or if you’re a new customer, just add these when placing your order and customising your package.


Yes, Mesh WiFi (sometimes known as ‘Whole Home WiFi’) is the latest in home WiFi networking which expands coverage around your home using pods which repeat your WiFi signal. It’s different to traditional WiFi extenders which simply create a new WiFi network. It keeps the same network all over the home and means you don’t have to switch to other networks as you move around the home.

They all connect to each other and distribute your WiFi signal around your home providing best-in-class coverage without the need to switch between networks

Yes, they are plug & play and most can be managed using a mobile app or by visiting a website. Once set up they usually don’t require any further configuration and manage themselves with your broadband router.

Like every internet service provider, we can guarantee the speed to the router, but we cannot guarantee the same speed for WiFi through the home or business. If after we have connected our Smart WiFi+ solution and you’re still unable to receive a minimum 5Mbps in each room, and we cannot resolve the WiFi, just return and we won’t charge or penalise you. 

To benefit from WiFi 6, you must have WiFi 6 capable devices connected, so old mobile phones might not get the benefit.

Yes, but please remember that the cable has to be a CAT5E or CAT 6 cable.

Routers distribute a WiFi signal from them, but they can only reach so far before the signal fades. This is prominent in larger properties, or those with materials such as stone or metal that hamper the signal distance. They are commonly found in modern homes across the world and are now considered a must have by many to take full advantage of faster broadband connections.

Yes, we deliver next generation technology to your home giving you very fast, capable broadband connections. But to ensure your WiFi signal reaches all around your home you may also need to add Smart WiFi+ pods to extend the signal fully and reliably around the home.