Benefits of Full-Fibre Broadband

What makes full-fibre better
than broadband you’ve had before?

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Lightning-fast speeds

Full-fibre broadband delivers extremely high-speed connectivity like you’ve never seen before. Older broadband technology relies on copper cables – this is where speeds drastically slow down before the internet even reaches your home.

With full-fibre broadband from Highland Broadband you get ultrafast speeds, right to your door.

Symmetrical upload & download speeds

Traditional broadband technology throttles upload speeds to a fraction of your download speeds, making video calls & file transfers painfully slow.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds from Highland Broadband mean not only can you download games, HD movies and stream with ease but your video calls and work from home is a breeze, too!  

Ultra-reliable connectivity

We rely on our internet-connected devices more and more, and we know how frustrating it can be when you lose connection.

Full-fibre broadband is much less susceptible to interference from environmental factors such as electromagnetic interference or the extreme weather conditions found in rural Scotland.

You get a more stable and consistent connection that keeps you and your family happily online.

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Even more benefits of full-fibre…

Fast & responsive

Full-fibre comes with super low latency, meaning no more annoying delays on video calls, superior gaming response times as well as smooth and responsive remote collaboration.


Future ready

Our XGS-PON full-fibre network is already equipped to support speeds of up to 10Gbps – it’s the fastest network being built in the UK, meaning it’s ready for whatever technology needs now and long into the future.

Multiple device support

The average home uses more internet-connected devices every day, all using bandwidth from your connection. Full-fibre broadband delivers more than enough speed to keep all devices connected at once, with no lagging or buffering.


Energy efficient

With a smaller carbon footprint than the old, traditional copper network, full-fibre is the more sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure for your telecommunications network.

Enhanced security

It’s more difficult to intercept fibre-optic signals compared to those sent through copper cables, meaning your data is more secure and private than ever before.


Improved online experience

High speed internet with less delays means you get a smoother online experience, with reduced buffering, faster web page loading times and quicker application responsiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

A new fibre cable comes via ducting underground or overhead cabling via telegraph poles (the same way the old copper connection comes today). The cable is fed into your home, connects to your router and dishes out all the WiFi you could ever wish for. We don’t touch your existing setup!

Superfast fibre means fibre to the nearest cabinet, delivering speeds up to 60-80Mbps, most people receive a lot less. Full-fibre is fibre to your door, brought in via a new cable, delivering up to 2Gbps, so between 20 and 200 times faster!

If you’re ready to get the UK’s fastest, full-fibre broadband then all you have to do is register your interest at our availability checker or call 0330 236 9900 – there’s zero obligation and you won’t pay a thing until you get connected.