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Rural Broadband Solutions

Perfectly reliable

With a reliability rating of 99.99%, our full-fibre network is super stable. You wouldn’t even notice that missing 0.01%.

Full-fibre networks are also much less susceptible to interference than standard connections that use copper wiring. Another disadvantage of these older networks is that the longer the line, the slower the speed. Which is why rural communities often lose out.

With a reliable and consistent full-fibre connection from Highland Broadband, those days are gone. 


Experience full-fibre

Feel the need? The need for speed?

With the latest full-fibre technology we deliver average download speeds of up to 2Gbps and ready for 10Gb when its needed. If you’re not technically minded, that’s very, very fast. In fact, it’s what’s known as ultrafast.

So, what does all this speed mean? Think of all the devices in your home (the average household uses over twenty). It means they all get enough ‘juice’ to run at the same time, with no loss of performance. And with our offer of unlimited data, you’ll be set up for the fastest streaming and sharing ever!

Ultra-fast. Ultra-reliable. Ultra-affordable.

We keep things simple with four easy options and no hidden extras.

Plus, all our packages are available on either 12 or 24-month contracts and come with unlimited data.

PureFibre 100

100Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Ultra-reliable everyday streaming, browsing and general online requirements

per month

PureFibre 300

300Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Larger homes with a number of devices that work, stream and game simultaneously


Avg per month


PureFibre 900

900Mbps Upload & Download speeds

Serious capabilities for serious working from home and ultrafast live online gaming


Avg per month


PureFibre 2000

2000Mbps Upload & Download speeds

The ultimate user, your world is a flat-out gadget filled, broadband hungry place

per month

Add-on features

Frequently Asked Questions

While we can deliver full-fibre connectivity up to 2Gbps to your property, in home WiFi speeds may be affected by a number of factors. The number of connected devices, the router placement and home size, layout and construction of your home may all cause speed variations by room.

Wherever possible, place the router as centrally as you can, away from large electrical appliances and avoid placing it in enclosed spaces such as cupboards. Larger homes and/or homes with thicker walls or long, narrow layouts may need to use extra WiFi points for full coverage. See our Smart WiFi+ solution for more information.

Don’t let that stop you! Building new fibre networks takes time, and there’s a chance you’ll be at the end of your contract by the time your property is ready for connection. And if not, we’re happy to chat with you and see how we can help you experience the lightning-fast speeds of full-fibre as quickly as possible.

Your existing line stays and we install full-fibre from the cabinet outside your home, into your property. It’s this new fibre line that delivers the ultrafast speeds for seamless streaming and lightning-fast browsing.

No – you can still use your streaming services with our ultrafast product. However, if you currently get TV channels from your existing internet provider, you may lose these when you cancel with them – it’s best to check when you call to cancel.