The Best Xmas 2022 Gadgets Core

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With only a couple of weeks to go until the big day, plenty of people are still scrambling in the shops to get their Xmas shopping. And top of many people’s lists are some of the most exciting gadgets and tech for the home. 

As technology advances, you might be surprised by how many of your new Xmas gadgets will need a strong broadband connection to run at their best. 

Let’s take a look at this year’s hottest gadgets for Xmas:

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids

This 10” HD tablet features a kid-proof case to protect it from bumps, knocks and scratches and comes with full parental controls so you can rest assured that they’re only watching things that are age-appropriate. 

Give your children restricted access to apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer Kids, Disney+ and more, teaching them the basics of browsing the internet while ensuring their safety

Google Nest Hub

As homes become smarter and more of us are watching our money, hubs such as the Google Nest Hub are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does this hub keep your family connected with calendars, reminders and to-do lists but it also works as a centre to control your household smart devices such as lightbulbs, smart plugs and even your doorbell. 

Ring Video Doorbell 4

For enhanced home security, this video doorbell enables two-way talk, advanced motion detection, and customizable privacy settings to help you protect your home. See what’s happening at home with HD Video and Live View and receive real-time notifications whenever someone rings your bell.

Sony PS5 / Xbox Series X

For the console gamers in the family, the PS5 and the Xbox are the newest consoles to hit the shelves, capable of more immersive games than ever and supporting the very best online games. 

Furbo 360˚ Dog Camera

Want to see what your pet is getting up to while you’re out and about? Not only does this camera have full 360 ˚ views, it also lets you toss a treat to your furry friend through the free included app. 

How many of these items are you expecting under your Xmas tree this year?

Can your home broadband handle all your smart devices? 

As you add more smart and online devices to your home, the broadband speed you require increases. Even if you’re just generally browsing using your laptop or phone, you might not realise that everything from your TV to your smart doorbell needs a strong broadband connection to perform at their best. 

If you have a home filled with smart devices, our PureFibre 900 package could be exactly what you need. You can expect speeds of up to 900Mbps, leaving you plenty of room to run all the devices in your home today, and in the future. 

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