How broadband keeps our farmers connected and singing Core

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When we think of fast and reliable broadband, our minds invariably head to cities, towns and suburbs. And yes, sadly it’s often in shorter supply when we move into more rural settings.

However, a fast and stable broadband connection has become increasingly important to those working in agriculture as technology continues to play an ever-bigger role in providing the food we pick from the supermarket shelves. Here are just some of the ways the internet impacts the everyday working life of farmers

Lamb-cam: Spring lambs and calves are often the first things that come to mind when we think of farming. Spring is a very busy time for farmers, but technology and improved broadband connections have begun to make it that bit more manageable. Many farms now have cameras set up in their lambing and calving sheds to help them keep a close eye on proceedings from the comfort of their own homes, and helps ensure there aren’t as many late night trips down to the farm as there used to be! This technology is a game-changer for farmers, and having a strong broadband connection plays a crucial part.

Animal registration: Running a farm can be a lot for often just one or two people to manage. From making sure each animal is healthy to ensuring you have enough food for animals over the course of the winter, a management system that works for each farmer’s needs is vital. Technology now enables farmers to better manage the overall health and safety of all animals living there. By ensuring each farmer has access to better broadband speeds, this whole process becomes more efficient and easier to manage.

Keeping farmers connected: Outside of keeping your animals healthy and well-fed, broadband is also incredibly important for those working on farms to ensure they stay connected themselves. From meeting with agricultural suppliers over video-conferencing, to chatting with far-flung friends and family, reliable broadband means those living rurally can still be just as connected as those in larger towns and cities, helping hearts and minds as well as businesses.

Music to their ears: Did you know that playing music to cows can make them feel more relaxed? Many dairy farmers testify to this and play everything from Beethoved to the Beach Boys while milking, ensuring they produce the best possible milk. With a reliable broadband connection, streaming favourite tunes can make milking a treat for both the humans and animals kindly providing us with all of our dairy products!

So, whilst streaming and gaming play a significant role in our enjoyment of the internet, farming is another area in which a reliable, ultrafast full-fibre connection can significantly impact life in rural Scotland.

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