Why Choose Us?

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We’re not just another full-fibre provider. We’re your full-fibre provider.

We don’t take the cheapest, quickest, and easiest route to get to you. We choose the best route which gives you the best connectivity.

We respect the local environment

Whenever we can, we use existing ducting and poles to get the fibre to you. Underground cabling is our ‘go to’ delivery model because it’s more protected from the elements (and you get a more stable connection). 

However, it’s often so neglected we have to lay our own ducts – which might explain why no other companies have plans  to bring full-fibre to you. 

In some cases, it’s not possible or practical to go underground, so we may use telegraph poles to get you connected. 

We connect whole communities

We don’t just connect the easy homes and businesses. It might take us a little longer to connect the more remote parts of your community, but we’ll connect everyone when we say we will. That’s why BDUK help to fund us: so homes in the most remote parts of the country who need it most, can get ultrafast connectivity. 

We care

We look after you, your garden and your property. When we bring our fibre cable to you, we make sure our local teams reinstate your garden to how it was before. And when we’re in your home or business, we’ll connect your devices and reset your passwords before we leave. 


We help

In every community and settlement we operate, we’ll connect the community hubs free of charge with our 900Mbps service – helping everyone in the community to experience the benefits of full-fibre broadband. 

And with our community support initiative, we’ll support a local club and work with those who need our help the most. 

Check the small print

We offer the same speeds up and down (symmetric speeds) – many don’t follow this approach, but if you work from home, want to share photos and videos, have video calls or gamers in the family, it’s important. 


We’re future-proofed

We offer up to 2Gbps now, and our service can offer up to 10Gbps without the need to add more cable or do any additional civil engineering and works. We haven’t launched our 10Gbps product as there’s no demand – but it’s there when you need it.

Investing in Scotland

It’s more than a flag to wave. We employ local people; we train local people to build a skills base and deliver jobs for the future. We’re a local company with two main offices in Edinburgh and Dornoch. 

100% of our resources are Scotland focused and our financial partner who help us build at pace is the Scottish National Investment Bank. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Really? Yes! Your free installation is paid to us via Building Digital UK (BDUK). This is the UK central government department responsible for ensuring the whole of the UK is gigabit-capable. This funding is only paid to us when you confirm you’re happy.

Happy customers

Have a look at our reviews – we’re so proud to achieve 4.8 out of 5!

And while we can’t get it right 100% of the time, we’re quick to correct things.